steve portrait wood carver falmouth st Austell cornwall portrait wedding photographer photography

steve portrait wood carver falmouth st Austell cornwall portrait wedding photographer photography


portrait fashion falmouth cornwall wedding

This is a shot of charlie in the bluebell meadows at Enys house in Penryn near Falmouth. Image taken with nikon 300mm lens


This image of Kate was shot on a workshop at St Agnes in Cornwall and we were blessed with an amazing sunset.


Wedding and portrait photography falmouth cornwall

This image was taken last year on one of my photography workshops here in my studio in Falmouth

Emily in HD

This portrait was shot in the studio and has been posted in high res to show the quality that can be achieved using the correctly exposed lights.shot on nikon using a 50mm f1.8 lens

Extinction of the zebra

An image in black and white of Nicole

Death of the Zebra won an award at the WCPF for the south west of the U.K.

it was based on the extinction of game species in the world today.

Kate in the Red dress

This image of Kate in the red dress, was taken at Wheal Coates  mine in St Agnes Cornwall. It was taken during a workshop with four other photographers that I was teaching.  Kate had actually turned up last minute, as there was a problem with the model who was booked originally. I had checked the forecast that day and had ruled out all hope of a sunset as st Agne’s is  West facing so perfect for sunset! But as we watched the sky there was a small gap in the clouds. I was amazed when the setting sun broke through and illuminated the sky bright red. You might recognise the hand as I wanted it to represent the painting  Michelangelos “The creation of Adam”

Mission accomplished

People portrait Helston Falmouth cornwall

The last flight of 771 squadron Sar from couldrose in Cornwall

I was quite privileged to be asked to take this image in 2016 to commemorate the last flight of 771 search and rescue based in culdrose in Cornwall. The image you see is a composite of six separate images,  each  member of the crew was shot separately with a speed light to the right hand side,  The control tower was a separate image and dropped in to the right hand side of the aircraft because the actual position is behind the aircraft and you cannot see it. Then the last image was the aircraft itself this was taken at 9:25 as we had to be off dispersal by 930 at the latest so we only just made the image, as at 10:15 aircraft had to take off for night ops training.